Friday, March 26, 2010

coming full circle

There are several things that I have been in awe of since I can remember. It is no wonder that they have influenced my work this second half of my life. Things seem to be coming full circle these days. Since I was a kid, I have been mesmerized by the color and glows of Christmas lights at night. Rich, bright colors contrasting against a dark back ground always appealed to me. That explains my fascination with rainbows, the northern lights, sunrises, sunsets, and fall color. Those are some of my favorite things to photograph!
a vivid sunset

monument valley rainbow

this is our home covered in Christmas lights!

aspens that look like Christmas lights

The American Southwest has reinforced this inspiration a million fold. There is no better place to study the constant change of light, color, texture, pattern and shapes. The slot canyons, pictured below, are one example of this. I feel I could spend years shooting there and never get the same image twice.