Friday, September 24, 2010

Refreshed by Fall

(13, 000 ft above Loveland Pass)

My knees were screaming, my camera was smoking, my feet were like hamburger and I found my creative mojo. Living in Arizona for 10 years left me with a new appreciation for a full change of season. It seems like it was always some level of summer there. I was out swimming in the pool until November! I missed the four seasons like crazy and autumn has always been, by far, my favorite time of year. I was surprised and thrilled to find it in full swing at the higher altitudes in the Rockies in mid-September. It has been awhile and I guess I had forgotten. The aspen, yellow and orange were quaking and glowing at all times of the day. A few maples were spotted and even much of the summer flowers were still thriving in the sunlight. It's like this unbelievable, rich performance.

(aspens in Keystone)

A physical and mental challenge was in order to the point of burning quads and the loud sound of my heart beating above timberline. Among a few smaller hikes, an 8 hour hike including 5 hours of steep incline at Maroon Bells reminded me of who is really in charge. The quiet sounds of breezes and the coolness of rushing water made me happy and I soaked it in as much as possible. The higher we went, the more solitude was found and I could get back to thinking about important things in life instead of being bombarded with such ridiculousness as Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton's latest drug problems. Ughhh!

(Boreas Pass outside of Breckenridge)

Old injuries and 2 broken toes were trying to talk to me, but the smell of the pines, the crispness of the air, the blue skies, the carpets of color and the awesomeness of the peaks just kept me going. Ok, fine, I'm not in shape like I used to be, but at least I was doing it!

Photos really don't do any of it justice and it is pretty difficult to convey the feeling of a place like one experienced it. I want everyone to feel it, but for now all I can do is try. So I will have to cherish the feeling and hope that someone else gets a glimpse of the possibilities of the fleeting beauty of fall through my eyes and the limitations of my lenses! More photos will be coming soon.
Happy Fall!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I am in need of inspiration

Maybe the summer heat has worn me down and a I'm ready for a change of season.
Maybe it's been too much transitioning in one year.
Maybe it's because the big 5-0 is quickly approaching and I can't seem to come to grips with it, no matter what I tell myself!!
Maybe I need more balance in my life in all areas and I just haven't paid attention.
Maybe I need new music in my life.
Maybe it is all these things and more.
Sometimes we just need to make adjustments and put things into perspective and we need help doing it, not just so the creative juices get flowing again, but so we can live our
best lives. So all I have to say this time is...

any suggestions on what works for you would be welcomed and much appreciated.

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the end of summer days and ushering in the new school year with energy and bright attitudes!