Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Spring! There's nothing like the feeling of rebirth, renewal and the freshness that appeals to all of our senses. I especially love the color that pops up seemingly overnight and it never fails to surprise, even though you expect it.
The colors of nature inspires every artist whether the artist is a fashion designer, a chef, an interior designer (what is this HGTV?!?) or even a musician. I'm not usually one for studio photography. I have nothing at all against it. I admire the expertise that goes into it, I just never had the gear or the means so I learned to use natural light (and some flash) for alot of my work. I would just like to share with you some flower shots since it is that time of year. Some are outdoors and some are just shot from my kitchen table using window light. Enjoy the season!

Monday, April 19, 2010

the action

I love rodeo excitement! Capturing split seconds of the movements that you cannot see as it happens is really thrilling to me. The motion is incredible not only as a whole, but also the sum of all the parts. The wild manes and tails of the horses, mixed in with the flying fringe of the cowboys chaps is visually stimulating. Not to mention the positions and contortions of the body positions of the cowboys combined with the power and strength you see in the horses and bulls. You can almost see what each of them is thinking!
wings to fly

crazy action

The textures, patterns and colors of the chaps, the leather gear, the clothing, and the horses winter coats play a large role in the visual impact of each shot! This is why I like small, outdoor arenas in the winter. The small arenas allow me to get closer with my 400mm lens and the winter coasts of the horses add an interesting element. Being outside allows me to get the light I need for sharpness through a long lens. I also enjoy the shadows that can happen as the afternoon progresses. And, as if those were not enough good reasons, I also love the thrill of the smaller crowd. The audience tends to feed off each other, making it just so much fun!
fluffy winter coat

So you can see how my mix of influences and inspirations has become a culmination of my recent rodeo works with glowing colors and darker backgrounds!

Monday, April 12, 2010

my love of horses

If you have popped over to my website, you know that I have a GREAT love for horses. That, and my love for the outdoors, came from my late father (pictured below).
Even though we were raised in Chicago, my Dad was a renegade who rode bareback broncs locally. One time he even rode his horse through his mother's house and into the kitchen.

He made sure that his family was exposed to not only the culture of our big city, but to the awe and magnificence of nature. He made great friends, whom we considered family, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I spent many summers on their farm riding horses, working at the fair and going to the rodeo. I spent my early years drawing pictures of horses and dreaming of the day I could own my own. To this day... i am a wannabee! I still do not have a horse to call my own and I am very much past being a rodeo queen! But that doesn't mean that I can't make it my joy and my work.

As a rodeo fan, I am drawn to the excitement, the patriotism, and the hard working cowboys. True Grit! As an artist, I found a way to intertwine all of these things I love from my life experiences. I use the technology that thrills me to create images which evoke reactions that reflect who i feel. I have more to say on process of photography, but until then here are some of my pieces for you to enjoy!

Wings to Fly By

Blue Rope

Monday, April 5, 2010

living it up OUTDOORS

I have always been a lover and participant of the great and beautiful outdoors. My husband, Dave, and I have experienced the Grand Canyon in many ways. Back in 2004 we hiked down the Canyon and rafted the Colorado River. In places along the way we got to hike and swim through side canyons. There are no words to describe such an experience. If you have done it, you know what I am talking about. It is astounding.

Sometimes finding the perfect shot takes a little extra effort.

The picture above is Mt. Hayden on the North Rim of the Canyon and the one below is the Colorado River. They can both be found on my website here.
Not only are these glimpses of nature visually inspiring, but they are emotionally and spiritually moving as well. If you have visited a place that took your breath away i would love to hear about it. Just leave me a comment below.