Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyone you talk to or know of has a friend or a family member that has had or has breast cancer. They may be a survivor themselves, like my sister-in-law, Peggy, and our friends Lisa, Carolyn and Mary Casey for whom I have enormous admiration. I would say that the awareness level of this disease is through the roof. There are many events to raise money as well as awareness. Even rodeos have "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" day. Here is a photo taken on one such day:
If you are someone like my sister, Lynn, and have participated in a "Walk" and have met folks and heard their stories, you have been completely moved by the courage and tenacity of these women. I would like to salute not only all of the survivors, their friends and families but my sister and her friends, Cherie and Carlene.
(my sister, Lynn, and her friend Carlene)

This past weekend and for many years before this one, they have gotten out there, put on fund raisers, trained for months and taken part in this marathon of 60 miles, pounding the pavement in the heat of the Chicago summer. All for the cause. In fact, they are the originators of the wearing of the crowns! Fantastic job, girls! Because of loving and caring people like you, a cure is closer each year. Lastly, I would like all of us to remember everyone who has been lost to this devastating cancer and pray for them and their families always.

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