Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On other photographers copying my signature style....

"I understand but look at it this way, people love what you do and will try to emulate it. You inspire them into seeing if they could make something as awesome as you do. A variation is all they will accomplish. Your style is unique so as long as they are not stealing your work directly then what is the harm? Take it as a compliment. Lemons make lovely lemonade." Felisa Michael

"I haven't seen any other pictures that capture the textures, softness and impact that your art captures Karen. I imagine it's so eye catching that people will try to copy a good thing......they'll never have your eye or talent for softening those boundaries the way you do. I'd be upset to know someone was ripping me off of my style too!It's so personal this art work......." Sherry Rooth

But in reality your vision is superior so your photos are finer. If you didn't have such an awesome style no one would care. But since it is so good, people will copy. How many billions of people copy Van Gogh and Monet? Yet the original is still the most respected. And look at the "Dave Hill" style. Hoo Wee did he ever get his style ripped off? Yet he went forward with his work and is working more than ever. He made a name for himself. You are making your name.
So be smart. Now all you need to do is capitalize on your style and run workshops or whatever and make some money on your vision. Be encouraged. This is what happens when you are successful. So Congrats! Think Bigger!" Gregg Boyer

And from Mr. Kevin Skelly, "You were born an original. Don't die a copy." ~John Mason

Thank you everyone, I am grateful for you!

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