Thursday, July 15, 2010

graphic design

I really love it when I can mix photography and graphic design. It's fun to do different projects that keep things interesting and help keep my skills going.

Balancing what the client wants and what you know is good can be a challenge.
For instance, one time I had a man who sold used cars, but he wanted a boat for his logo. What? It just so happened that he really loved boats. I had to talk him out of misrepresenting himself on that one!

Anyways, The O'Donnells in Nashville are back with a new album. This time they went back to their roots and went Gospel. "God Said Make Music" is the title and it comes right out of the bible: Psalm 98:4.

We went for an overall more traditional feeling with the design this time and less "hip" than the last one. We shot this cover across the road from their country home outside of Nashville at an old sawmill. It was perfect.
But even if you're not really into gospel that much, you will still like this cd. They are off-the-charts great musicians and what they have done with these songs really proves it. You can check out this father/son duo here. Not only are they big talents, but they are great people and really fun to work with!

Here is more of the album cover:

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