Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cowboys & Indians Finalists

Thank you to Fay Ellen Whitehead for letting me photograph her horse, "Poco" in Iron River, Michigan. This image and the Arches National Park image shown here have been selected as Finalists in the annual Cowboys & Indians magazine photography contest.

Arches National Park in Utah is not just about delicate arches. The red rock formations are unreal. To me, it looks like the Flintstones live in this picture! I softened the sky to give it more of a watercolor look as a contrast to all of the texture in the landscape. It was taken at sunset last fall.

"Poco" the horse photo came about with me just following horses around a field with my camera and having one of the owners interact with all of them. It was a harshly lit summer day, but some work in Photoshop helped me create a dramatic portrait.

Wish me luck, although it really is just an honor to be nominated. :)

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