Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fast and Furious

What does shooting a 2 year old have to do with shooting rodeos?
It's fast and it furious! I found out that rodeo shooting has been good training
for photographing toddlers. They don't sit still, they move fast and have
minds of their own!

I learned to how to anticipate action and be quick on the shutter, but I found it to
be more of a physical challenge with the kids. This lovely family requested a shoot at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 2 hours later I was exhausted from moving quickly, looking for fleeting movements and doing about a billion power squats. I was actually a little sore the next day! Sometimes I forget how much energy they have!

Little Kaitlynn was especially uncooperative always running the other way, etc, etc. and we ended the session not quite knowing if we got anything, but I think we did, because it wasn't my first rodeo. :) These are just a few shots, let's talk more about this next time.

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  1. tell me about it karen! i can rarely grab a good pic of my kiddos and i'm no professional! they look great!